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ODD Comparision

Resembler provides verification test reports based on the differences of a selected areas of deployments (ODDs).  The comparison can be based on sizing of the area, or can be based on a different area (globally or inside the city).


This feature allows cities and mobility providers to compare and develop test plans for new areas of deployment.  For example if the product has been deployed in a defined areas as an airport, the product allows comparison to deployment in a different area in a different country.

This product has been developed, is operational and is being tested in several areas with leading R&D institutes as for example CETRAN (The Centre of Excellence for Testing & Research of Autonomous Vehicles) in Singapore.


Please request for more information for a demo.

Resembler Platform

Resembler is a Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform.  The Platform supports PC, Mac and Linux.  The licensing includes direct access to accident/incident data for analysis and comparison.  


Qualitative assessment including baseline verification test reports for accidents are immediate by the Resembler large language model. Additional and in-depth verification/validation is provided by accidentology experts via ticket request.  Detailed data analytics are supported by ADAS/NCAP, Automated Driving and Accidentology experts.

All data is in abstractions and complies to GDPR rules.

Please request for more information or a demo in the "Product Enquiry" tab.

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