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Discover the unparalleled potential of, a groundbreaking platform armed with more than 250 million km of coverage. Unleash the transformative capabilities of converting real-world accidents into structured risk-based analytics, empowering organizations to develop safer technologies, reduce accidents, and shape the future of transportation.

Automotive is a technology company that helps ADAS/AD developers, city planners and mobility providers ensure the safety of their algorithms and infrastructure. Our contextual deep-learning engine uses real accidents and incidents to provide actionable insights to our clients.

Leverage's contextual deep-learning engine, fueled by 250 million km of coverage and hundreds of proprietary abstractions. Verify ADAS and AD algorithms with real incidents and accidents, as a proxy.


City Infrastructure

Empowering Data-Driven Planning: equips city planners and Intelligent Transportation Systems providers with the power of 250 million km of coverage. Leverage our data analytics and Operation Design Domain safety comparisons to make informed decisions, optimize road infrastructure, and enhance the safety of your city's transportation network.'s declarative contextual machine learning platform offers invaluable data for insurance purposes. Convert incident and accident footage into behavioral archetypes backed by our vast dataset, providing precise geo-located risk assessments and structured analytics to inform insurance policies and claims management.

Provide risk management to routes by providing advanced safety messaging and safety routing information.

Provide integrated dashcam smart solutions with aggregated defensive driving feedback to improve safety and feedback to insurance providers for use-based insurance discounts.

Fleet Management

Accidents as a Proxy

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