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City Infrastructure & Smart City Development

This service supports city planners to study existing infrastructure by Point of Interest (POI).  Resembler will then provide history accidents at this point of interest, subsequently the user can request resembler to provide accident that can occur because of geometric and environmental similarities.  

API (under development) a city infrastructure planning project can request resembler to provide a histogram of potential accidents and incidents on the infrastructure planned in the toolset.

Resembler Platform

Resembler is a Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform.  The licensing includes direct access to accident/incident data for analysis and comparison.  


Qualitative assessment including baseline verification test reports for accidents are immediate by the Resembler large language model. Additional and in-depth verification/validation is provided by accidentology experts via ticket request.  Detailed data analytics are supported by ADAS/NCAP, Automated Driving and Accidentology experts.

All data is in abstractions and complies to GDPR rules and regulations.

Please request for more information or a demo in the "Product Enquiry" tab.

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