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This service provides high quality test cases by finding real accidents and incidents to verify ADAS/NCAP functionality.  The platform then develops a verification test plan for the selected incident or accident.  

The incidents selected can for example be VRU automated electronic braking events where the system will then provide various situations, accident types, and actors involved.  e.g.  straight road, curved, discretionary left turn child, adult, PMD, cyclist  

The system provides a verification test plan with KPI targets.  The user can request a simulator input file for verification on their simulator.

The ​user can also request test cases above and beyond the current ADAS/NCAP regulations and request incidents and accidents for next gen safety algorithm development based.

Please request for more information for a demo.

License and How it Works


Select ADAS test


Full Report

Simulator Input

Sign-up for Resembler, Sign-up for the ADAS/NCAP feature.  The ADAS/NCAP features is now enabled.

Select the ADAS or NCAP test.

Resemble and accidents and incidents with a high similarity to the selected ADAS/NCAP test.  These accidents/incidents can then be viewed with animation and contextual description, type, actors, environment.  

Request a complete verification test report.  The verification report includes animations and target KPI to meet human driving performance.

Request a simulator input file for selected (or all) accidents/incidents.

Resembler Platform

Resembler is a Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform.  The licensing includes direct access to accident/incident data for analysis and comparison.  


Qualitative assessment including baseline verification test reports for accidents are immediate by the Resembler large language model. Additional and in-depth verification/validation is provided by accidentology experts via ticket request.  Detailed data analytics are supported by ADAS/NCAP, Automated Driving and Accidentology experts.

All data is in abstractions and complies to GDPR rules and regulations.

Please request for more information or a demo in the "Product Enquiry" tab.

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