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Abstract Background

Resembler Architecture

Many important driving skills are learned on the road after formal driving training. Every time a dangerous situation happens, the surrounding setting is memorized. These memories allow drivers to predict, circumvent and avoid a dangerous situation to develop.

Sometimes incidents and accidents are caused by other traffic not following the “rules of the road”. Behaviour prediction outside of normal traffic rules can be complex as the interaction between traffic participants differs based on experience, reaction and attention, and the permutations are high.

Experienced drivers sense the upcoming danger and recognize a developing situation by identifying “signals” or “cues” that predict behavior of surrounding traffic. The human brain functions are very skilled to understand, recognize and store these patterns. Experience allows the human brain to be trained and over time the patterns are stored in routine memory Basal Ganglia and driving can be done with little conscious attention. The learning of the signals and patters is triggered by anxiety and recognition of danger.

Resembler is a declarative computer system that captures and stores the patterns and context of the developing dangerous situations.

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